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Over the past 44 years, I.D. TEL has developed and manufactured handsets. Anthony Giammanco and Edward Pavia founded I.D. TEL Corp. in 1968 as manufacturers and distributors of decorative telephones. In 1973, the decorative phone division was acquired by a public company. I.D. TEL continued as manufacturers of telephone components and handsets.

ID TEL takes pride in the quality materials we use to manufacture the best and strongest handsets for our clients applications.

It is our hope that the broad experience, technological know-how and state-of-the-art testing and quality control facilities can be of service to you both at this time and in the years ahead.

We offer our clients many advantages: great service is important to us, a wide range of sizes, colors, carbon, electrets, waterproof, dynamic etc. and an ability to manufacture to any specifications, in-depth inventory and our use of advanced technologies puts our clients in the best position.

I.D. TEL Corp. is committed to producing the best products and specializing in superior service for the industry. Give us an opportunity to earn your business.